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Everything you need to know on Shocks and Struts.

Shocktober - Wilhelm Litchfield Park

You may or may not have seen our annual offer to do with replacing your shocks and struts for a special offer price during the two months of September and October. But what exactly are shocks and struts? And how do they help with your vehicle? And when should I be looking to replace them? Hopefully, this little piece will answer all your questions or at least educate you on the importance of this car maintenance issue.

Lets start with the “WHAT” part. To put things in the simplest terms possible, shocks and struts help keep your vehicles tires in contact with the road. That sounds pretty important, right? They help make your ride more comfortable so there is less jumping around when travelling on these bumpy Arizona back roads and your ride is as smooth as possible. They are also key components in the safe handling of your vehicle. They maintain the vertical loads placed upon the tires that ensure the tires stay in constant contact with the road while helping to maintain a balanced ride.

They play an absolute vital role in helping your vehicle with stopping, its stability and the vehicles steering. They prevent excessive tire and body movement, reduce vehicle “bounce”, help with the vehicles handling and braking. It is also key with regards to your wheel alignment and finally, they help to keep the tires from wearing too quickly.

Now we will move quickly onto how your shocks and struts can wear out.

  • Damaged Bushings – This is the part that contributes to premature wear on your tires and could also lead to other suspension issues.
  • Deteriorated components – This is the part mentioned above that will lead to excessive body and tire movement.
  • Worn internal Oil – Could affect the vehicles ability to handle road impacts.

Overall, the rate of wear on your shocks and struts is dependent on a number of different variables including’

  • Road conditions
  • Environment conditions
  • Driving style
  • Vehicle load.

Here in Arizona, if you are constantly driving lots of back roads with potholes that challenge your suspension, this may have an impact. Also, one other thing to consider locally is the almost constant heat and the affect that can have on this vehicle maintenance issue.

We will finish off with the why we may need to replace them. Like all maintenance issues, you can easily overlook the importance of these so it’s important to find out your vehicles history. Discuss its repair history with your auto shop and find out when this was last taken care of. Usually the recommended period can be anywhere around the 50,000 mile mark (depending on the variables mentioned above). Ask yourself questions like, are your tires wearing quicker than usual? Do you have a lot of problems with your brakes? Is your ride quality still as good as it used to be or have you noticed the standard of drive diminish? 

Take advantage of the great SHOCKTOBER offer for September and October where all seven of our valley locations have partnered with Monroe to offer you 4 shocks and strut replacements for the price of 3.  More details can be found in store if you call and request an appointment and as always, any questions, please call in and ask our expert service advisors or visit the Monroe website for more details.

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